Would you like to share your natural land as a campground?

Would you like to share a natural and private piece of land and offer it as a campground? You can make effective use of land that is not normally used. There are no registration or initial fees. You can register with ExCAMP now.

Despite the many beautiful natural landscapes in Japan, most of the land remains unused and neglected. By making such land available for use as campgrounds, we hope to increase opportunities for people to come into contact with nature and rediscover its almost forgotten qualities, We hope that by making such land available as a campground, we can increase opportunities for people to get in touch with nature and rediscover the almost forgotten good qualities of nature.

- Kohei Tsukazaki, Representative, ExCAMP Management

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What type of land is suitable?

ExCAMP recommends a minimum lot size of 100 square meters. From private individuals to corporate land, from unimproved land deep in the mountains, former golf courses, etc., to bungalows, glamping facilities, farms, patches of forest, uninhabited islands, and more. Any location can be registered, from land for camping in its natural state without any amenities to comfortable glamping facilities where you can camp with nothing in hand.

Voice from hosts

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We run a small ryokan in a mountain village near Mt. Tsukuba, and the ryokan boasts a magnificent view of the Kanto Plain and Kasumigaura below. In order to take advantage of this open location, the ryokan was operated with a park golf course, which was popular at the time, by cutting through the woods nearby from the beginning of the ryokan's operation. Recently, however, the park golf course has seen a decline in customers, and the ryokan has become less active than it once was. However, we decided to register the closed park golf course as a campground with ExCAMP because we wanted everyone to experience more of the beautiful scenery and natural mountain village atmosphere that can be seen from this land, and we thought it would be a shame to leave the land unused. We expect that the ryokan will become more active as well, as campers will be able to have dinner at the ryokan, enjoy the hot springs, and so on.

Mr. Yajima | Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have land that you want to list as a campsite, please enter your land information here. If you are considering listing your land and have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

There is no need for major maintenance of the land. However, if there are weeds growing or if the land is not suitable for setting up tents, some maintenance may be required. Also, there is no need to specially prepare toilets or baths. If you want to welcome many campers, you can make your home toilet available for use.

After campers make a reservation for your land, communication with them will be done through the ExCAMP system via messages. All the details regarding check-in procedures and questions about the campsite will be handled within the ExCAMP platform.

The accommodation price for hosting a group of 4 campers, depending on the location and surrounding environment, is approximately ¥5,000-¥10,000 (with toilet) or ¥1,000-¥3,000 (without toilet). For example, if you operate a single land as a private campsite (with toilet) and assume that reservations are fully booked for 2 days every weekend, you can expect a monthly income of approximately ¥30,000-¥50,000. (If you have 2 plots, the income will be doubled, and if you have 3 plots, the income will be tripled.)

Yes, it is possible. ExCAMP focuses on providing locations where campers can enjoy nature in a private setting, so you can register accommodations suitable for outdoor stays.


Come on, let's share the land!

Registering as an ExCAMP host is free and easy. Simply fill out the land description, add your pricing and photos, register your transfer information, and you're done. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the ExCAMP team.[email protected]
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